Frequently Asked Questions

  • OKRENDER is a team of 3D modelers and renderers, they work together on the projects in our studio.

  • We communicate either by Email or by Telegram app, which you can install on your computer/phone/ipad for instant messaging and exchanging files

    1. Modeling of the place [usually takes 1-2days] – meaning you’ll get clay renderings of the place [walls, ceiling, floor] in black and white so that you can feel the space, get creative and check if there are any errors
    2. Color rendering [about 1-2 days] – the color views including your furnishings and finishes applied
    3. Final rendering [about 1 day] – high resolution renderings delivered to you, after you are happy with results and you paid the total amount by Paypal.

    We will provide you the previews in every step, and you’re welcome to apply any changes as much as you like to make your design perfect – it’s totally free, we don’t charge a seperate amount for changes.

  • unless you specify, we make renderings at the following formats:
    previews are JPGs at 1200 or 1500 pixels wide [just for previewing]
    high resolution finals are PNG format 2000 pixels wide [this is good for A3 printing]

  • We are located in Uzbekistan, and here are time differences:
    Chat Support hours:

    Our time [UZT]: 09:00am-10:00pm

    Atlantic Standard Time: 12:00am-01:00pm
    Central Daylight Time: 11:00pm-12:00pm
    Pacific Daylight Time: 09:00pm-10:00am

    Greenwich Mean Time: 04:00am-05:00pm

    AEDT: 03:00pm-04:00am

  • CAD drawings are the best to go, but we can accept hand drawn measurements of the place too, that we will draw cad plans off of it.
    And then we’ll also need photos or links of your chosen furnishings, you can send it whenever you’ll have it ready

  • Yes, we can convert your 3D files such as Sketchup, Revit, ArchiCAD and etc. into photorealistic renderings. We do this by importing your 3D file into 3ds Max software and work on enhancing your models, lighting, finishes and rendering – for achieving more realistic and impressive renderings for you.

  • Generally, it can take from 3 to 7 days, depending on what is provided by you, what comments you have, how many changes there are and so on. However we can and will work on several views at the same time, which saves you a lot of time.
  • We work on 2 pieces of software: Blender + 3ds Max
    [we use blender for fast modeling furnishings, and 3ds max for applying finishes, lighting and rendering]