How to give life to your project 

As a designer you make so much effort while creating your project. In the end, when you feel satisfied with the fruit of your work It feels like there’s something missing and incomplete. Despite the fact that you’re design is perfect, the result looks kind of empty and lacking spirit and soul. Been there?

Whereas all successful projects have something in them which makes you feel warm and alive. Been there? So what are those ‘secret ingredients’ that great projects have, which can literally transform your project into impressive and lively one?

Here are 5 striking properties that every good project must have, in order to be wowed and loved by the viewer.


What is dramatic lighting? It is when light comes into darkness, and brings the feeling of sparking drama into the space. How can we achieve it? My rule is simple, try to keep the room shady as nature made it, and emphasise the lighting which is entering the room. Here are the good examples below.


Bertrand Benoit


Bertrand Benoit

and… the stronger the contrast the better the effect… that’s why emphasising the light is very important. We can emphasise the light in two general ways, by sunlight or by lighting fixtures inside the room. Very dramatic are the interiors or exteriors with sun rays going all over the place. Sun rays entering from windows into the room, landing on the furnishings, such as a sofa or a lounge chair, can also give a sense of desire to a viewer, of wanting to sit down on it and relax, perhaps over a cup of coffee and a book…


Bertrand Benoit

Whichever method you are using, remember that you want to give a viewer a feeling of presence in this room, and a feeling of comfort, enjoyment. You want to make the viewer imagine himself in that place and have a good time.

Another technique is man-made lighting such as chandeliers, spotlights, task lights, table lamps, cove lights and many other kind of lighting fixtures can give excellent ambience, thus can give incredible feeling of life to your interior. Warm light has been there for ages, and has been endearing to human eye. The light color close to candle light gives unparalleled warmness to a viewers heart.


 Bertrand Benoit


Storytelling is the next big thing which grows interest in your project. Meaning there must be a kind of story going on in your interior or exterior view, imagined by you. The best way of understanding this is by studying the following examples. For instance, a pile of books on or beside the armchair and a throw on it, will tell a viewer of someone just been sitting there and reading, and probably just left the place. The following examples will let you understand the stories without me commenting about. Just watch them and try to find out what kind of stories are going on in there.


Sergio Mereces


 Sergio Mereces

Very important aspect of story telling is to imagine what kind of person is the room intended for, and who will be living in it. All the details will come out of the answer to this question.


Lush flowers, plants, trees outside the window, nature is a great part of the space. We as a human, always tend to associate with it, that’s why always having it in your project will undoubtedly enliven it.


Sergio Mereces


Accessories are like flowers in your garden. Without them your view looks quite empty and soulless. Seasonal objects, tray with drinks, piled pillows, multiples of little things, artworks, bookshelf arts, jewellery and many more are excellent way of showing personality, aesthetics, style, textures. No wander why they add a great feeling to your interior.

portfoliyo 16



Time is consciously and subconsciously related to our perception, so why not use this phenomenal impact to make our project lively?

Blue hour, summer time, winter, rainy weather, autumn leaves, and etc. are all examples of lovely times and emotions. The following examples need no comments for they speak for themselves.




Sergio Mereces

We’ve covered some of the most powerful techniques in this article, that can turn any ‘no no’ project into impressive, emotional and full-of-life one. Use them freely in all your projects and a lot of people will be attracted to them appreciating you as architectural designer and artist.

Stay tuned to our news, we will be giving you some of the best infos about how to spruce your projects to another level. Have a great day!